medical grade skincare

4 Reasons Why Medical Grade Skincare Is Worth It

Skincare products have been around for thousands of years. Maybe not in the fancy jars with colorful labels like we are used to, but skincare has always been around. 

When advertising rose to popularity, you saw the market flooded with skincare products like Pond’s Cold Cream, which promised wonderful results. 

Fast forward to today, there are aisles and aisles dedicated to over-the-counter skincare products that make these “promises” and offer results for different kinds of skin issues and conditions. 

You’ll see words like BLACKHEAD REMOVER, ACNE FIGHTER, WRINKLE ERASER, and more splashed across the labels. 

But do they truly work, or are they perfectly marketed to make you believe that they do? 

It’s time to cut out the over-the-counter products and switch to medical-grade skincare. 

Why medical grade skincare? Here are a few reasons!


Have you ever looked into the ingredients on over-the-counter skincare products? After this article, you might start! 

OTC skincare products contain few active ingredients compared to medical-grade skincare. It’s because products sold OTC are not regulated by professionals or subject to FDA approval. This means they can’t exceed certain amounts of the active ingredients you need to see a difference in your skin.  Yes, even those who say “clinically tested” aren’t medical grade. 

Medical grade skincare products contain higher concentrations of the ingredients because they are subject to FDA regulation and physician-backed and almost always third-party tested to ensure safety and effectiveness. 

medical grade skincare

Professional Recommendation

By switching to medical-grade skincare, you won’t have to wander down the aisles of brightly colored jars as we mentioned earlier. 

When you make the decision to use medical-grade skincare products, you’ll need to see a medical professional like an aesthetician, dermatologist, or physician. Most medical-grade skincare is sold in medspas (like ours) or dermatology offices. 

You’ll first receive a skin analysis and consultation. Then the medical professional will recommend the products. 

This saves you time trying to figure out what to use and will also save you money because you aren’t wasting it on products that don’t work. 

Quicker, Longer Lasting Results

You’ll find that once you have the right skincare products in your arsenal, you’ll see a change for the better quicker than ever before! 

That’s because of the knowledge you received from the medical professional about which products to use and the strength of the product itself. 

You won’t be buying jars and bottles of OTC skincare anymore because a few drops of your medical grade skincare do the trick faster and more effectively! 

This makes medical grade skincare surprisingly more affordable than you may have thought! It’s because less is more, and the right products give you the right results! 

With medical-grade skincare, you’ll reap the results of the healthy, clean, and glowing complexion you’ve always wanted without the guesswork! 

Integration With Professional Treatments

Here at Neos Medspa, we back our chosen medical-grade skincare products so much that we incorporate them into our treatments! We use it in our facials, Microdermabrasion, Microneedling, and more. 

It’s what we recommend after our Low pH Chemical Peels to ensure that your treatment is as effective as possible and that the products used won’t harm or inflame the sensitive skin after the treatment. 

Medical-grade skincare perfectly complements facial and aesthetic treatments because they can absorb deeper into the skin and work much more quickly and effectively than water and oil-packed OTC products. 

Interested In Medical Grade Skincare? See Neos MedSpa! 

If you’re ready to step up your skincare game with professional medical-grade skincare products, book now to schedule a consultation, and let’s talk! 

We provide a selection of products that we know will make a difference in your skin. 

To learn more about Neos, our products, and treatments, continue reading our blogs, browsing our website, and following us on social media! 

Read our latest article, “What Is Collagen,” for helpful insight and tips on what we call “Liquid Gold”! 

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